Standard Series D

Thanks to their excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics, connectors from the Standard Series are especially designed for applications in most industries using electronics.

Crimp type connector

Standard type;
crimp type with rear assembly;
with grounding indents;
with monoblock insulator, meeting the MIL-C-24308 requirements.

DP Series

The DP Series "Dual-Port" connectors consist of two specially designed D Series connectors, whose specific assembly enables input/output links for BUS systems used in telecommunications data processing.

Combo Series (D*W)

The monobloc-insulated MD Series is suited for applications requiring improved temperature characteristics and increased moisture resistance.

Stamped Contact Series DS

The IGG DS series connectors have been design for easy usage and to give a cost saving answer to the new equipment requirement and PCB mounting for industry needs.

- Fast locking by snap-in bracket available
- Precision formed contact with selective plating
- Available in solder-cup, straight PCB, 90* P.C.B.
- Excellent value quality/cup

High-Density Series (HD)

The IGG High Density S-Subminiature connectors are well suited for compact designs and I/O applications in computer peripheral, data processing and telecommunications and industrial applications. Their industry standard configurations provide mating with many options. our low profile metal shells provides a long life cycle and EMI/RFI reductions.

- Industry compatible 15,26,44,62, and 78 positions
- Maximizes PC board space
- Available in many mounting styles
- Filtered version available
- Mates with all industry standard High Density D-Subminiature Connectors

Filtered Series (FD)

IGG uses standard D-Subminiature Components wich offers a cost effective production and are 100% compatible with equivalent products according to DIN41652, MIL-C-24308 and IEC80F-2. These filtering standards are achieved by incorporating a chip capacitor plate in the assembly of the connectors.

FD Series is a low cost filtered connector that features :
- Grounding points (pin connector only) ;
- straight P.C.B., 90° R/A, Wire-Wrap, and solder cup versions available ;
- standard mounting options (brackets, spacers, clinch-nuts, etc) ;
- plating according to customer specifications.

The capacity values of the filtered plates range from 180pF up to 6800pF (ceramic X7R). Custom capacity plates, ferrite plates and low-cost stamped contact version also available upon request to our factory.

Hermetic Series (EPC)

Environmentally Sealed rectangular D-Subminiature connectors are designed primarily for applications where space and weight are of a major importance.
These connectors are mainly for use in aerospace, military, telecommunications and wherever protection and reliability are needed.

Compatibility with standards :
- UTE C 93-425, type HE 508
- MIL-C-24308-DEF 5935 Pattern 110
- IEC Empfehung 48B

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